March 2, 2014

Easy Rose Nail Art Tutorial

The most important part in drawing a rose — is an Underpainting, the first layer of future rose...

How to draw a rose
In nail art we can use only three layers — main color, light and shade.

  1. First layer should make a properly shape of a flower — don't mess with it. Draw at least five petals. Add second flower in smaller size if needed.
  2. Contour petals with lighter color. When petal fold back light is concentrate on the bend.
  3. Contour some petals inside.
  4. Add shades with darkest nail polish in the center and right where inner petals starts. Rose is round, petal has bend — that's why shades has triangle shape.
Add leaves and berries if you want.

Click to enlarge:

Rose Nail Art Tutorial

Rose Nails Tutorial