March 16, 2014

How Oil Prevent Nail Polish from Chipping

I make manicure twice a month — my nail polish don't chips!

It's all because of one old painter principe — use plant oil before color paint.

Oil soak in nail (nails are very cavernous) and in wet nail varnish resulting in a polymer network.

Oil dries (expands and contracts as it oxidizes) faster, soak deeper than varnish.

You can use any cuticle oil or mix what you have (not cooking oil).
Chose fast drying natural oil. The common drying oils are cottonseed oil, corn oil, soybean oil, tung oil, and linseed oil

Don't use nothing with mineral oil — it will never dry, don't oxidize!

Don't mess oily hands with plant oil.

You should remove any oil that your skin produce. Don't use soap — it leaves thin layer of foam on nails.

I have alcohol tissue for injections in tube — try find it in your local pharmacy: